My life in Pink

Or: The odd ramblings of insanity

Herbalistic Mage
2 September 1985
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Greetings all that might look at this newly refurbished little slice of my life, I, mostly on a nostalgic whim, decided that I really should make this ancient thing a home to my life and so thusly have changed most everything. If you wish to know about me... read further. I'm a fairly un-average college student. I don't tend to party or go to clubs. I enjoy hanging out with people and would party if I had the money and a friend base more likely to do that. I'm currently in the midst of, to use the very hippy lingo, discovering myself. At current I am a geek who likes anime and gaming and tends to be a bit on the shy side. I am learning that I might have a bit of kinky side but to learn about that you have to talk to me... in some way shape or form. Aside from this lovely paragraph I am an eclectic combination of things that you'll have to talk to to fully understand.